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Just 30 Seconds

Yes! You can create a website in under 30 seconds. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how. I didn’t believe it either. but I did it.

They have made creating a website easy. And they will show you the step by step procedure on how you can do this.  It will be a fully functional Website. Wealthy Affiliate websites are all hosted by WordPress. They are a very reliable and secure hosting platform. And are well known as one of the most powerful platforms in the world.

Once you have your website created, Wealthy Affiliate will help you build your site to be indexed into Goggle, then teach you ways to get traffic into your site.

Watch a video here: 30 second to a website





Roll The Dice

There’s many companies online that will promise you get rich quick, instant bank roll, and be a millionaire in days. All you get is a lot of BS and empty pockets. Don’t fall of that… but how do you know who is real or not. Youthe-gamble-1416127 shouldn’t have to “Roll the Dice” when it comes to trying to make money online.  It shouldn’t be a gamble. Not all companies are out there to grab your money and go. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is.

Wealthy Affiliates are one company that has proven itself over and over again for years. They offer you two free websites to let you look around their site. They give you help when needed. One on one interaction or in their community. It is your own choice to go Premium in their company or not. If you do decide to, it doesn’t break the bank. With their premium plan, you will gain so many benefits to help you on your way to become your very own website owner. Your very own Business online! And they will help you on your way. Many people in the community are so  dedicated and willing to help you with any problem you may have.With Wealthy Affiliates, no need to feel like you are rolling the dice and taking a gamble.

Why Affiliate Marketing

With job layoffs and prices going up, its hard for a family to make ends meet. Making extra money on the side has become necessary today. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money. Wealthy Affiliates have made building your own website easier. They offer lessons designs for newbies like me to understand how affiliate marketing works. Step by Step classes is a great option for beginners to

succeed. They work with you hand and hand to build a great website. With their free training, and two free websites, what do you have to lose.



Wealthy Affiliate with the top affiliates and high performance network, is a great way to make money from home or travel, making it a full time job or something to do in your spare time. If you only have an hour or two a day or if you can give it your whole day, its all up to you. If you decide to do it at the kitchen table, sitting on your bed, in an airport waiting for your flight, or on a warm sunny beach somewhere; its all up to you! The freedom to where and when is yours. No more punching a clock and having your boss looking over your shoulder.


wa_successful_business_160x600Wealthy Affiliates offers free affiliate marketing training for beginners. The lessons are designed to give you step by step instructions to build your very own website. Classes made easy to help you make money easy.

Building your very own internet business could never be any easier. With two free websites to help you on your way, Wealthy Affiliates are with you every step of the way. Great community of people working on their own sites, are right there helping you when you need it.

Affiliate Marketing made easy for beginners to have a successful internet business. Wealthy Affiliates have every thing you need to make an income with your very own website.

The School for the Newbies of affiliate marketing. Learn at your own pace. Learn in the comfort of your own home. Learn with the confidence of success.






my personal opinion

wa_successful_business_468x60I use to say…. I could never do this… I can’t build a website…. I don’t know how to work a computer that well… this would be too hard.
With Wealthy Affiliates, they take it step by step, helping you with each step and helping you understand how to do it.
Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to be for beginners that don’t know the first step into building a website. There are also many people in their community to help if you have problems along the way.