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Don’t Waste Your Day Daydreaming

These days it seems like it takes two incomes to make ends meet. Prices going up but the pay check isn’t. Every thing you want to do for fun cost money. People work hard and long hours just to keep the bills paid. The joy of living gets lost and it only becomes a dream to take a nice vacation just to relax from the everyday grind. And to make things worse in life, you hate your job. Dealing with being unappreciative, and the bosses thinking you can do the work of two people.

The dreams and plans we had when we were younger becomes parallax of what our jobs demand from us. Our dreams of yesteryear seems to become out of reach as the days go by. As we carry our dreams in the back of our hearts, we wonder is there still away to achieve them? Is there something i can do today to make these dreams of yesteryear become reality? When do i start working to live instead of living to work?

Don’t be like most people that think, ” Why didn’t I start this earlier in life?”, ” If only I had started this last year?”, Why did I waste all these years?”, ” If I could relive my life, I would have done this or that differently!” I do have to admit, I am one of them. And the time that I wasted on social media, let’s not even go there. Right now, TODAY, is the time to change all that. No, we can’t go back in time and do things differently. But we can learn from the past and apply what we learned to make tomorrow better.

Those dreams of yesteryear can still become a reality

If we just buckle down and work a little harder today, we can still achieve our dreams. I once read somewhere that if you love your job, it’s not a job. Doing what you love to do every day gives your life a better reason to live. Those that are stuck in working to make ends meet, those that hate getting up in the morning to go to a job you can’t stand, those that dream and don’t have any insight on how to make those dreams a reality, Today is the day to make your life more enjoyable. It won’t happen overnight. But one step at a time, one day at a time, you will succeed.

I once said to myself, ” I can’t afford to do that”. About a year ago, I said just that. When I first ran upon Wealthy Affiliate, I didn’t think I could do this. Money was tight. And I had the mind set that I couldn’t do something like building a website. Heck, I didn’t know the first thing about any of that stuff. But today, I’m so glad that I didn’t just delete it. I look back at it now and think, ” Why didn’t I find this earlier. I wasted all this time on a job I didn’t like. But I am NOT saying, ” I wish I would have done this a year ago.” I am so glad I did!

If you are sitting there thinking, I can’t do this. Or, maybe some other time? Well… next year, are you going to regret NOT doing this, not giving it a try?? Are you thinking, I don’t know how to do this? Look at me, I didn’t know the difference between upload or download. I have learned so much with Wealthy Affiliate. If they can take a person like me and teach me how to build my very own website, they can do it for you.

Wealthy Affiliate’s community is one of the best. They are so willing to help people when they have a problem. It’s not like some places out there that promises you riches and leave you hanging when you need help. They take pride in helping others to succeed. You are not on your own.

Making your dreams a reality isn’t all that hard

Writing about something that you are passionate about comes easy. Showing others your passion. Finding people with the same passion as yours and helping them, It’s a warm feeling. You have a sincere sense of satisfaction. Do you get this from working at a job you hate?

Time well spent

How much time do you spend on Facebook or other social medias? How much time do you spend watching television? How much time do you waste in a day’s time? I dare you to take only half that time and work on those dreams of yesteryear. You will be amazed on how far you can go in making dreams a reality.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you free sites and free lessons. So, there is nothing to lose. Nothing but time wasted on doing nothing to achieve your dreams.

Take a closer look into Wealthy Affiliate. It might change your life. Or help with making these ends meet? It could even help you make those dreams of yesteryear a reality!

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Learning from Others

I read an article today. The title was confusing. As I started reading it, it became very clear to me. I understood what Eddy was getting at. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t  one of those ” Get Rich Quick Scams”. It isn’t even one of those Pyramid Systems that promises you to have millions in the bank within a week or two without doing any work.

Many people see the words.. “Make Money Online” and automatically think its a scam or a get rich quick system. Wealthy Affiliate has never claimed that you can make Millions within a couple weeks. They did say, that they will teach you how to BUILD your own website, your own business. That saying, ” Rome wasn’t built in a day” , Well… A business doesn’t make millions in profit on the grand opening day either.

Business thrive on changes. Changing with the times will help your business grow. Even these well known multi million dollar businesses change their procedures to help their business grow stronger. Not afraid to try something new, to improve, to grow.

There is always something to learn. One cant just wake up one morning and say…”Well, Nothing else for me to learn today”. Learning is a never ending fact of life. New procedures, new ways on doing things, New ways of thinking.

Building your online business is just the same. There is always something new to learn. Even the top experts keep learning new things and ways to improve. You think you know everything there is to building your own website and your own business online? Think again. Things have changed from ten years ago, even five years ago.

While reading the blogs and training tutorials posted on Wealthy Affiliates from other online business owners, You learn new ways, new ideas, and new strategies. There is always something to learn. Don’t think you know everything there is about building your own website.

The above I mentioned an article that I read by Eddy…you can read it by clicking here   

Keeping an open mind to changes will help you improve, not only on your online business, but also on life itself.