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Wealthy Affiliate, What Do They Have To Offer

Let’s admit, staying at home and working, you have thought about it. That’s why you are here reading this. It’s a dream! No more punching the clock. That traffic, no one likes being stuck in it. The winter roads are nasty. Leaving the comfort of our homes to go to a place we don’t like. The Boss that just keeps adding more and more work on us. If you have work with the public, boy, they can be mean and hateful to us. The stress levels go up. Our patience goes down. You know what I’m talking about.

Why can’t I just stay home? Stay home and still making money. And making money doing what we love to do. Working from home, yeah, that sounds too good to be true. But it’s not. It’s not a dream. All we need is something we like to do, at home, to make an income. Sounds great!

Do you have a passion? Something you have would like to tell the world about? Do you have a computer? Are you have willing to learn? If you have said Yes, you have what it takes to become an Online Marketer, An Affiliate Marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate is designed to teach even the beginners. And, take it from me, I was a beginner. The step by step instructions, the training tutorials, and the classrooms are all designed to take you have from someone that has no idea what they are doing, to having their very own website. A website that can earn you have an income.

A willingness to learn, and some spare time, and you will be on your way to becoming an affiliate marketer.

The Community

Wealthy Affiliate won’t leave you have to figure out everything on your own. They have a great program made up of other affiliate marketers that is more than willing to help you have when you have need it. The community is made up with the same people that started out as a beginner just like you have. They have out done themselves with the easy to follow instructions, and the community of great people.

With a little extra time and dedication, you have will be on your way to a great website that can replace the job you are at today. Building a website takes time. And Wealthy Affiliate will give you have all the information and instructions you have need to get you have on the right track to becoming a Stay at Home, make your own hours, be your own boss, affiliate marketer.

Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a get-rich-quick system. It does take time and dedication to work your way up to having a great website. So, Don’t quit your job tomorrow.

Building a Great Website

Finding a Niche

There are many steps into building a great website. First step, finding a niche. That is finding a topic for your website. You may already know what you have want your website to be about. Do you have a passion? Cooking, Fitness, Exercising, Gardening, Fishing, Sports, Health, Cars, Books… The list goes on. If you have don’t have a passion, there are many topics you have can choose from. There are companies that would love for you have to promote their products. But you have don’t have to go searching too hard for them. There are places that will help. Places like CJ (Commission Junction), Clickbank, Amazon, and even EBay. Just to name a few. And Wealthy Affiliate will show you have how to do this too. They will show you have how to go about signing up for any of these plus more. And signing up for these programs are free of charge. That’s great to hear.

An affiliate marketer is, in simple terms… sale and promoting a product on line without having to deal with customers, handling of the product, shipping and returns. Not to mention, getting ready and driving to work and dealing with the boss that doesn’t appreciate you have. All in the comfort of your own home.


Setting Up Your Website

Once you have found what your niche or topic will be, the next step is to set up your website. Kyle, one of Wealthy Affiliate’s owners, will show you have step by step how to have your website up and running within minutes.

Keyword Tools

Wealthy Affiliate has every thing you have need to get your site up and running and to help you have make it a site to earn you have money.

Keyword Tools is where you have can find the right words used to make your website rank high with Google. And to get you have the traffic (customers) you have need to make your site profitable. This is one tool that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Another is Jaxxy.

Jaxxy is another place to help you find great keywords. They go more in depth than Keyword Tools. Jazzy offers a free trail period when you have first become a Premium member.

To understand a little more about Keywords, check out my blog.


When You Need Help

Wealthy Affiliate has a classroom to show you have each step to take to make your site profitable on the world wide web. There are also many people here to help along the way with training tutorials and blogs. You have a great community of people here to help you have when you have need it.

Live Chat

If you have any problems, any questions, Wealthy Affiliate has an area to where you have can ask questions. It’s a Live Chat area. Many wonderful people on Wealthy Affiliate will be right there to answer your questions. Most likely your question will be answered very shortly. There are people working all hours of the day and night. And once you have studied and have learned to where you feel comfortable answering questions, you have can jump right in and answer someone else’s questions.

Search Bar

There is also a Search Bar on the top of the page where you have can go and find answers to any questions you have may have. The search bar and the live chat are great features here. I, myself, have used it quite often. I go to it when there is something I don’t quite understand. You will find many articles and training’s on the subject there.

Everybody learns in different ways. If there is something that I don’t understand, more than likely someone has a blog or training on it that will explain it in a way that I can understand. Sometimes showing is better than reading about it. Wealthy Affiliate has a good deal of video training to help with this.

Live Webinar

Every week there is a live webinar with many different topics. The Gentleman that gives these webinars explains things in a simple and clarifying way. This isn’t a webinar that you have just watch. You get involved too. There is a Question and Answer segment at the end. If you have a question or a comment, you have can ask during his training and he will try to answer all the questions that pop up right there.

If you have missed the Live Webinar, you have can view it later on at your convince. There is a section on the right side bar the reads Live Video Classes. Here is where you have can find all the video training and webinars.

Pay it Forward

Wealthy Affiliate has a great program on getting comment on our site. This will help your ranking in Google. And bring more traffic (customers).

Their program is Pay it Forward. With this, you have can find this under the Site Comment section of your Wealthy Affiliate Page. The way this works… You leave comments on your fellow members sites, and in return you have earned credits. With these credits, you have can use them for others to leave a comment on your site.

Comments on a website shows Google that your site is active and this will rank you have higher on the WWW.(World Wide Web).

Another Great Program

Wealthy Affiliate has a section to where you have can ask for feed back on your site. The member will be glad to go to your site and give you have points on where you have can improve. This is wonderful if you have just need some other eyes to take a look to see if you have overlooked something. As they say.” Two eyes are better than one”.

Wealthy Affiliate has many tools to help you succeed, from a great community of people that’s ready and willing to help you succeed, to Great lessons on how to build your best website. They thrive to make you have successful.

The Classrooms

The classrooms here are designed to take you have step by step to build a great website. There are many other classrooms to go through here, from your first steps to how to make it even better. All the techniques, plugins, codes, and how to write your content.

Here is a list of some classrooms:



Wealthy Affiliate has another training section called Affiliate Bootcamp. All the training lessons are designed to help build your website.

Here is the process of Affiliate Bootcamp:

Boot Camp Layout


Free Trail

Wealthy Affiliate give you a free trail period and two free websites. This is great to just go in and try it out. Look around and do the training. See if being a Affiliate Marketer is good for you. If you decide to become a Premium Member to Wealthy Affiliate, you will get access to many tools and trainings to better your career. The career of being an Affiliate marketer.

There’s nothing to lose. Take advantage of the free trail period.

Premium Membership

When becoming a Premium member, you will have more trains and tools to help in building your very own website. The extra features are well worth the membership fees.

Check out all the extra features you will get here













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