SiteContent and How I use it

The feature we have here at Wealthy Affiliate, that I use quite often, is SiteContent. SiteContent is where I go to do all my writing. It has everything I need to write the Content I need for my sites. The wonderful people behind the scenes at Wealthy Affiliate work hard to make us achieve a successful online business.

To get to your SiteContent, to the left of your page( once you are in your Wealthy Affiliate page), to the left you will see SiteRubix. You will see a sub listing. Click on your SiteContent. Like shown in image here:

What Does SiteContent Do

SiteContent has many tools to help with our writing. And having Great Content on our sites is one of the main goals for a successful website. The great tools are; Heading sizes, Paragraph forms, Bold text, Underlining, Italic, Alignment, List forms, Linking. One of the newest tool is to add images to our page or post. But one of my favorite is Spell Check. I do admit, I do make many mistakes while typing. I’m not the best.

Along with the great tools that are listed above, SiteContent has tools to help you keep track of your writing. Things like word count, templates, and a great, easy way to publish your content to your site.

SiteContent Tools

Heading Sizes – H1, H2, and H3.

This is where you can add larger text to your content. This is mainly used for subheading and titles. Great feature when you divide up your content or when you start a new topic.


Paragraph – P

There are times I would get into a zone writing and I run into not dividing up my topics. While I’m rereading my work, I may realize I ran two paragraphs into one. This tool will aid in dividing up my words into paragraphs.


Bold – B

This tool will make a word or words in Bold print. Great for emphasizing something important, to make something stand out in your content. I also you this to highlight my subtitles when I don’t want them bigger, just bolder.


Underlining – U

This tool is used to underline a word or words to emphasize a text. When underlining a text, it sets it apart from your content. And makes it seen easier while reading. Eye catching content is what we are trying to achieve.


Italic – i

Italic will change the font in your text. This is also great for emphasizing your content. It also separates a word or words to make your content stand out while reading.



A great tool for changing the way your text is shown on a page or post. It’s all in your preference on how you want your content to be seen

You can center your words

Or there is the Left alignment

And then there is the Right alignment


List forms

List forms can be Ordered List or Unordered List. What is the difference between Ordered and Unordered? Well, let’s see.

Here is an Ordered List

  1. We can
  2. do it
  3. this way

Here is the Unordered List

  • Or we can
  • Do it
  • This Way

Ordered List is with numbers and Unordered is with dots. It all depends on what kind of list you want to place on your page or post.



You can add a link in your content. This is very helpful when directing someone to another page, or site. With adding a link while writing, this will save you time. One great way to finish all your work in one place at one time.


Check Grammar

This feature is my favorite. While typing, I think everyone will make a simple little mistake, From hitting the wrong key, to accidentally spelling something wrong and forgetting to add a comma or period. I’m not the best when it comes to typing. So, this feature is great for me to have. If you have that same problem, you will love this feature too.



This feature is quite new. With this, you can add your images and graphs while working on your content.

SiteContent is a great tool here at Wealthy Affiliate. The main success with a great website is its content. And with SiteContent, it is much easier to write and form your content with ease.

Keeping Track of Your Writing

SiteContent is a wonderful tool to help keep track of all your writings. Your own little writing diagram and layout.

Word Count

This tool will tell you how many words you have already typed. This will let you know approximately how big or small your post or page is. This can be found at the bottom of your page while filling out your writings.


SiteContent has a few templates to choose from or you can build your own, As seen in image below. Templates gives you the layout of your content. How many paragraphs, sub titles, and words. This can be used as a base when starting your writing. It doesn’t have to be an exact. You can make your own template. This can give you something to strive for while writing out your content.


When you have completed your writing, you can easily publish it right onto your website. This tool is awesome to use. Wealthy Affiliate has made this tool easy and simple to use. This is found on the top right of your template.

There is so much more to this tool then what I have covered. You can check out more about this wonderful tool here at Wealthy Affiliate

Above and Beyond

Wealthy Affiliate has gone above and beyond to help you become successful in building your very own website. SiteContent is only one of the great tools you are provided with as a member. Become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate’s for free. And check out all the great options you have at your service. You have nothing to lose… Did I mention it was free to join?

See you on the inside! And say hi…


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