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PRODUCT_NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Ranking:

Price: starter membership: FREE  $49. /month for Premium membership
Owners: Carson and Kyle
Website: WealthyAffiliate

I came upon Wealthy Affiliate a month ago. Before I joined, I didn’t know the first step to building a website. I thought it was way too complicated, and there was no way possible I can do this. I have learned so much. And still more to learn. Wealthy Affiliate is for the beginners along with the experts. They are designed for the beginners. They have made it so easy for me to understand.


The PROS: 

  1. Very easy to understand
  2. Many people willing to help you if you have any problems and at any time of the day or night
  3. very affordable
  4. very professional with a touch of casual


  1. Its not instant. You do have to put work into it. They teach you, not do it for you.
  2. Much Research to do
  3. so many niches to choose from



Wealthy Affiliate is for the beginner ( like me). Because they explain things so easily for the ones that don’t have any idea where to start.

But Wealthy Affiliate is also for the ones that have experience.


Websites are powered by WordPress, with SEO.

The classrooms are designed for beginners.

Very Helpful Community to give you the support you need with any question you may have.


SUPPORT or message me at title: WA information



Free Trial Membership — sign up here

Can you scale to Premium For $49. /month.– sign up here


They are designed for beginners. Their lessons are easy to understand with step by step details to build your very own personal website of your chosen.  Their classrooms cover everything from choosing your niche, to help get traffic.

Going Premium

While going through the free start up membership, you decide this is for you. Wealthy Affiliate offers many benefits on the Premium Membership. If you take advantage of this within the first 7 days, you can receive a 61% discount on your first month’s membership. That’s only $19.

Many more benefits upon  joining the Premium

  • Private messaging
  • Advance training
  • Live Video Classes
  • 50 Websites instead of only 2
  • and much more


Benefits can be seen here