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Hi!  I’m Brenda.

I have reached my 50 mark in life. Here lately I have come to realize that I’ve been “living to work”, and I needed to change that. I love to travel and visit with my son(which is all grown up now and live in another state). With working full time, it was very hard to do that. I wanted to live a little more while I can still get around. Its time in my life to “work to live”. But money doesn’t grow on trees. The funds to do my traveling is the main problem.

I did some investigating, and through trail and error, I came upon Wealthy Affiliate. Saying to myself, I could never do this, I don’t know any thing about this stuff. But something deep down told me to give it a try.

The design here on Wealthy Affiliate is so easy to understand. I have come so far. I would never have thought I could have my very own website. Now I have more then one. Its like I’m patty myself on my back.

If I could do something like this, You can too. I have come to realize, Never underestimate yourself. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve it. You can do it!!!

I love the fact that I can do this anywhere. Right now,,, I’m sitting at my kitchen table typing this. Next month I’m going to go see my son for two weeks.. and I can work on my site while I’m there. Best of two worlds, traveling(spending time with my son) and making money. Who can ask for more.

Check out my profile page at Wealthy Affiliates here….

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