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Before starting Wealthy Affiliates, I knew absolutely nothing about building my very own website. I have been a premium member here for only a short time now. And I love it! The classrooms here are designed for the beginner. I didn’t even know anything about the terms used for internet marketing . It was like a foreign language to me.  But I have learned so much.  At times, I do admit, it did get overwhelming. The people here and the community are so helpful. They take their time away from what they are doing here to help. And I am so thankful to all of them. If it wasn’t for them, I would have probably have given up by now.

I was told “just take it one step at a time.” The steps are designed to led you to the next step and then the next. While giving you the opportunity to ask questions and get involved with each lesson.

You have all heard the term before… “if I can do it.. you can” Well, I am the example to that. If I can , any one can. Wealthy Affiliates understand that every one don’t start out as experts.

With their  free trial membership, you can go check out what all they have to offer you and make your own decisions. That’s what I like. Many places out there wont let you do that until you pay out big money, and then become disappointed in what they have to offer. But Not Wealthy Affiliates! They have nothing to hide. And they have made it so easy and affordable.

Just give it a look and make your own decisions!


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5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I am an Ambassador at Wealthy Affiliate. I joined about 18 months ago and it was the best career move I made. I now have a successful online business that I run full-time and have a flexible schedule that I can manage myself. Wealthy Affiliate gave me the training, confidence, resources and community support I needed to start my online business for a very reasonable premium membership fee. I now am happy to be one of the 25 Ambassadors. I have created lots of training within the platform and love the idea of being able to Pay it Forward and help new members as they join. I highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program and I hope you join and when you do, be sure to drop me a line and let me know if I can help you in anyway.

  2. I just joined Wealthy Affiliate (WA) only two weeks ago and I’ve gotten more out of those two with WA than I have with other programs or trying to do it on my own. I sign you as a free member for 7 days and realize the value and within two day of the trial I sign up as a Premium member due the vast content and the community. I trusted WA so much, I sign up as a yearly prepaid member within 1.5 weeks of joining. BTW my yearly membership costs 200 times less than another program that claims to do the same as WA but WA offers much much more. The other program was temporarly shut down do to possible fraud.

    1. I, myself, checked into a few other programs. But I didn’t feel right about what they had to offer. But when I checked out Wealthy Affiliate, I felt good for what they had to offer. And how they were upfront with everything from the beginning. I knew nothing about what I was doing. I have learned so much and still learning. The people here in the community are like family. thank you for your testimonial.

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